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Sense of Humor. Laugh at Yourself!!

“Sense of humor is one of those wonderful things that can help us carry the heavy load a bit easier. Being able to smile and even laugh, when we are experiencing difficult situations, is the key to keep the faith and the hope alive, even if we are not able to control the situation.”

Sometimes there are situations where smiling and laughing more than being inappropriate, would be extremely difficult to do, because as normal human beings, the correct and expected reaction would be sorrow and sadness, for certain circumstances we encounter in life, such as the loss of a love one to death.

However, in other instances, for example, laughing about our “small misfortunes” when we make silly mistakes and freakout instead of trying to find a solution.

Couple of years back, I was riding my bike. (Everyday, during the Summer, right after work, I would meet a friend to go biking for about 5 miles, through Provo Canyon) In the way back, we were always exhausted, however, we had to pedal harder and faster, because it would get darker in the beautiful canyon bike trail we rode at.

We were also driving downhill and manuvering the many sharp curves, while riding quite fast. I was very tired and it was hard to breathe normally through my nose, so I decided to open my mouth and breathe through it.

Everything was going well until suddently, out of nowhere, in a split of a second, a very large swarm of mosquitos appeared right on front of my face…And landed inside my mouth…

Because I was riding so fast, if I would have jerk my head to the side or spit them out, I would have cause a serious accident, so, I just swallowed the creatures and immediately blocked the image and the feeling from my head. Right after the incident happened, I moved to the side of the trail and yelled at my friend that was several yards ahead of me.

The first thing he said, as he got closer to me was: “It’s really hard riding with all those mosquitoes swarming about so often, appearing out of nowhere and so many of them. Imagine if they get inside your nose?”

I just looked at my friend with a mortified expression, as he told me later on, while trying to spit out and almost looking as if I was about to vomit right there…And then, I remember his smiling face, even today, when he realized what had just happened and asked me: No, you didn’t…Did you?

I just nodded and he started laughing and asked me what those mosquitoes tasted like, and he told me I should feel proud because I had contributed to the mass elimination of pests…Ha! Ha! Ha! That last part, the way my friend told me those lines was so funny, I could not help it but burst into loud laughter. We just laugh and laugh and we could hear our own echos bouncing back the mountains, and that was even funnier…

In my personal life, I have encountered many difficult situations, since I was a young girl and yet, as the years went by and I became an adult and I re-visited and remembered many of those long-past experiences, I realized there were so many funny anecdotes and hilarious things myself and my family endured and because we made the most of those experiences and because we found the humor in them, we were able to go through them all.

Even after life became a bit easier and now, every single day is an adventure for me and I am always finding something to celebrate, to smile and to laugh about, and mostly, I laugh about me, before anyone else can, and/or will.

Just adapting to a new culture and living in the United States has been very interesting to say the least, and there has been plenty of humor, trying to cross that bridge of “assimilation” “adapting” and “comprehension” of the “American” culture.

Panama is located in the “American” continent, so lets just call America, USA and yes, not only did I have to adapt to the ways of USA, but also to the ways of Utah…And without a sense of humor, I don’t think I could have survived…

People in general are funny even without trying and for some reason, I can amuse myself, entertrain myself and be funny for my benefit and for the benefit of those who appreciate and value a good laugh.

I don’t laugh at people but with people. And if you asked me I say, the secret to inside youth is laughter and laughter and not taking life too seriously. I know I am not that old but I am a bit wiser now than I was a few years back and the older I get the more happiness I find inside and out.

(have I discover the secret of a long, fulfilling life?…I hope so : )