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“Green, lush, exciting, colorful. This is Panama. “The Crossroads of the World” From rain forests to white sand beaches. Grassy fields to canyons and valleys, there is so much to enjoy, admire and to experience in this tropical land of diversity and unique folklore. Music and tradition are present everywhere. There is always a celebration going on in Panama every day and there are many festivals and fairs all over the country, especially in the central provinces where traditional music and Panamanian customs have deep roots.”

For some people Panama is considered part of Central America, however, for many, Panama actually, is the country that divides Central and South America, not only because of its geographical location but mainly because of how different Panama is from all other Central American countries.

All Latin American countries and Spain share not only the language, the religion, some of the same traditions, even similar food, music and dances, however, every country is very different from one another and yet, many of the Central America countries share many similarities, specially in their food and in their identities, unlike Panama.

After Panama declared independence from Spain, the country was still part of Colombia and after their independence from that country, and during the construction of the Panama Canal, many Europeans came to help build the canal, including many people from France, Italy, Africa, the United States, India, China, the Middle East, and many other countries.

Needless to say, all of those people influenced the culture and the traditions of the country of Panama, including its music, folklore, and cuisine. And if you have the chance to travel and visit Panama and experience its culture, you will know it’s certainly very different than many other neighboring countries.

Panama is a very small country with a very rich heritage and amazing places to visit. There are abundance of unique fruits to eat throughout the year and great places to visit. You will certainly need a year to be able to visit all of these places and to experience the true Panamanian culture.

There are two main weather seasons: The dried season which is Summer, between mid November to mid April and the rainy season between May and October, however, there are places like Boquete, Volcan, Cerro Punta, and some others, which are well known as “Tierras Altas”, where there is Spring weather all year long.

Panama City, the capital is a very busy and modern city where one can find all of the entertainments of a major metropolitan city. Full of skyscrapers, casinos, a banking center, and many malls.

This is just a brief introduction to this beautiful country. There are so many places in Panama worth visiting and so many things to see and to do there, and I have not even mention them all, so you have to do the search, visit Panama, and find out for yourself, and I hope you do.

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