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Am I Successful?

Is happiness success? What does success means to you?

I know that for many people success is achieving financial freedom, having a lot of money to do whatever they want to do, not having to follow a budget and not having to worry about finances.

And for many other people success can have a totally different meaning and if you ask many people, it is interesting to hear what they think success is. And to me, well, I have also a different concept of what I consider to be success.

I am a woman that has been able to accomplish many dreams and many goals in my own life, on my own terms and with my own efforts, without cutting corners, without “playing” people, and without stepping over people. With honesty, reliability, hard work, integrity, focus, patience, consistency, passion and discipline, I have been able to accomplish many things I wanted to do in life, and that makes me happy, and that is success to me.

I know that with the above mentioned qualities, we all can achieved the results we seek. I have been able to do many things I wanted to do just by following those concepts. I have also experienced so many setbacks and difficulties in my life, both personally and professionally and yet, I never gave up and I will never give up and I am content with the person I am.

Throughout all of the difficulties I tried really hard and I was able to remain positive and humble, and things worked out at the end when I kept smiling, in good spirits, grateful, content and happy and that have always make the difference for me.

I have also made many mistakes and I have also learned from those mistakes, because many of those mistakes were due to not trusting my guts and my instincts, which I listen to, more often now, because they are wise.

Life was and is sometimes really hard, however, due to my upbringing and all the things I went through growing up and the hard things I went through as an adult, I know people can raise up and make the best of the situation, because I had done it so many times and I have been able to taste the sweet taste of success many, many times and that keeps me going and it keeps me happy. 

I am also inspired day by day, by many people who despite of having a harder life than mine, do not complaint, and accept their lives as such. It amazes me to see the wide, bright, genuine smiles in the faces of these people and their resilience and courage. Despite of all the lack of material things in their lives, their generosity is abundant and their enthusiasm, strength and gratitude is such, it can make many, including myself, feel ashamed and guilty, complaining about small discomforts.

Those people are the ones that have kept me humble and such people allow me to remain grateful and to appreciate all I have. Those people are “truly” happy and not many people achieve that level of success in life. And it is mainly because of the inspiration of all those people, that I share many thoughts regarding my own successes, my own setbacks, and my losses, including my weight loss experience, which has been one of the biggest accomplishments I have conquered. (I promise, I will share my story again in this new site soon)

“I want to share what I’ve learned about true success, which is knowing whom we are, loving and respecting ourselves and our value as individuals, knowing what our purpose in this world is, and being happy with just that, no matter if we do not have many worldly possessions. That right there is success to me. I like to believe that I am a very “successful” woman. I am truly happy and content.”

As soon as you have that knowledge, you will continue attracting more success into your life and with that, you will seek a better life, in the form of better relationships, better work opportunities, a better education and a better life style.  

You will be able to “chose” the life you want to live and the amount of money you want to make and spend, and the kind of career you want to pursue and you will know exactly what you want in life and out of life, not what others want for you or what they think you “deserve”.

So, what do you think? Is happiness success? What does success means to you? Would you be just content and okay if you didn’t have the material things you enjoy now? I hope these thoughts made you ponder about success and its many meanings and I truly hope you have and you achieve success in all areas of your life.

The main purpose of this platform is to empower others and to share many thoughts with them and to inspire many to dream, to educate themselves and to create and live the lives they want, and to reach that ultimate goal of being happy. Don’t we all want that? Yes, every one of us does I am sure and I am not a mind reader to have that certainty.

Empowering, motivating and inspiring people, this is what I have been doing for a very long time, and what I will continue doing until the Internet becomes dust. I will continue helping people believe in their potential, dream big, go for the far away galaxies and reach the infinite and more, and I am grateful I can do this and that right there is success to me.

I will continue giving tips that helped me achieved success in many occasions and throughout my life. All things I share and talk about, are things that impact us all every day, one way or another and all those things are part of the things we constantly have to face. All these things can affect our personal development and growth in a positive or negative way if we let them affect us and if we don’t know how to fight them or use them to our advantage.

I have been inspired by great people in my life since I was a little girl. So many wonderful people that cheered me up, that encouraged me and that believed in me and even when I didn’t even know that much about life. And I am so grateful for them and that is success for me.

And then, there are so many people in this world and especially children that have not been that fortunate. There are so many people that need to believe they are “important”, “capable” “valued” and they can “accomplish” so much, and if with my actions, thoughts and voice, I was able to help even one person achieved that goal, that is success to me.

Another thing I noticed and I learned is that the more you service others and the more your presence makes a positive change in the lives of people, the more happier you will be and that to me is success. Being able to bring a smile when there were tears. Being able to have someone open up to you, about whom they truly are, and helping someone have hope, shows “success is the accomplishment of a purpose”

There are many more people seeking inspiration out there and I want to inspire them, to believe in themselves and to believe in their potential. I especially want to inspire people that need it the most. People that were told they would never amount to anything and people that believe they can’t do it.

I like to cheer people up. I love to encourage people to try and to accomplish what they want to achieve. I am a mentor for those who want my help. I want to pay forward and share with others the great knowledge and wisdom others have shared with me, and in the process, I am becoming more and more successful at making a difference in the lives of others.

I hope you continue to follow me and share this site and share it with those who may benefit from my thoughts. I will be including very important links, resources and contact information here, on organizations and people that you will find very useful in all aspects of your life, and I hope you find that success you so eagerly want to reach and may God be with you, so you can accomplish great things in life.