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Explaining the Hair…Do I Need To?

I have been coloring my hair for so long. I have done perms, highlights, and my strands have been many hues of brown and red tones out there. Two months ago my hair was down to my waist and I noticed the ends were very damaged, so I simply decided not to color my hair anymore, let the roots grow and try on some wigs for a while.

I first wore the wig you see on the first photo, a couple of days ago when I went to the Masquerade Ball and I have been using it every day, for the past week. I love the color, the style, the fit, the length, however, I do not like the bangs that much.

I have received so many complements about my wig, and some very flattering as “That hair makes you look so young!” or “That color really complements your complexion” and “Is that your hair?” And of course, almost every time someone gives me their complement I almost feel I am “required” to explain, I am wearing a wig and some people are surprised and come over very close to check it out.

I wore bangs for a very long time, since I was a baby, my mother tells me, until I was in my late 30’s and even though they are cute and made me and make me look a lot younger than my age, I honestly prefer no bangs at all and very long flowing hair and right now, I am letting my hair grow long and healthier than ever before.

I also have a lot of gray hair and a lot of brown hair, and it will be a while before my hair grows out and my damaged, colored, red hair will be gone and I am growing impatient, just because I don’t like my hair to be a two tone color. If I had my way, I would go completely white but right now, I can’t add any more chemicals to my hair.

And so for a while I will be wearing hats and wigs, which is nice because I can try different colors, lengths and styles out there. So far, I found some good and not so good things about wearing wigs and below is the list of the not so good things first.

1-You can’t go swimming with your wig on.…Well, you can, but then your hair may or may not get wet. It may look weird and then you may have to get it off…And that may not be an option if you are at a public place…

And what about having to style the wig back to its original splendor when you don’t have the tools to do it. You are not at home, and you are at a public swimming pool…? (Besides the chlorine in the water and all the other chemicals in there, and who knows what other “substances” in the pool, can cause additional damage to the wigs, specially if they are made of synthetic materials)

2-You cannot give or receive very tight hugs. Doing so can pull the wig out of your head and reveal the no so “attractive” wig cap, your otherwise short hair or different hair color and the “magic” wonderful “illusion” could disappear in a split of a second…

3-Your hair, scalp and skin around the wig and/or wig cap may get itchy. You may not be able to really scratch it with your fingers or get rid of the itchiness without having to take off the wig and if you are in a public place that may not be the best option either… 

And the good things, according to me, about wearing wigs are:

1-You can totally change your look. You will look very different.

2-You don’t have to drastically change hair color or haircut. You do not have to commit.

4-Wearing a wig to me is even better than wearing a hat in the winter. It will keep you warm.

5-There are many ways to wear a wig and you can create your own and unique styles.

6-You can do hair treatments while wearing wigs and nobody will know or notice.  

7-If you are letting your colored hair grow and you don’t want to show your roots, wearing a wig will resolve that “little” dilemma.

8-You can use wigs for photo shoots and for Halloween.

I love wigs. I have used them many times before, however, this is the very first time I wear one every day, specially to go to work. I view wigs just as another hair and fashion accessory. They will complement many outfits, makeup and even shoes.

“Wigs are so much fun and honestly very easy to apply and take off. It is easy to take care of wigs and they can potentially last for many years with the right care.”

You can buy synthetic wigs, or wigs made from human hair and of course, the last ones would be pricier, however, the investment is all worth it, if you use them often. (They will look and feel like your real hair)

I need to take off my wig now and I need to brush it and condition it. Tomorrow will be a busy day and she needs to shine!! 🙂

I will be back with more good stuff soon,