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The Perfect High Heels!!

“One of the greatest accessories out there for us petite women is high heels shoes. Besides giving us those “extra” inches, it also gives us that touch of elegance and sophistication of a grown woman.”

There are so many types of high heel shoes, from stilettos to cone heels, sling back heels, ankle strap heels, kitten heels, pumps, wedges, platform, peep-toe, etc. etc…

I have used them all and I have mastered walking on them. I have carried a big load while wearing them. I have danced while I was wearing the most uncomfortable high heel shoes. I have walked more than 3 city blocks with high heels on.  

I do not like flats because of my high and because I do not find flat shoes flattering on me, however, the main reason I do not wear flat shoes is because I do not have an arch and shoes with flat soles make my feet hurt.

I do not sacrifice style and fashion for comfort or vise-versa. They have to go hand in hand and work together like a good partnership should.

I like shoes that are beautiful, practical, stylish, and mainly, shoes that are comfortable. I buy shoes that I can wear on a daily basis and shoes that are of good quality.

To me, investing in good quality shoes is a must and a necessity. When I can, I buy 3 pairs of shoes of the same style. One black, one in red or any other neutral color like gray, burgundy or brown, and one in a nude color.

And talking about nude color, this is a color that must be present in any woman’s wardrobe. (You should buy a color that is very close to your skin tone to create that “illusion” of length and a color that will complement you)

The nude tone on shoes, will elongate your legs as there would not be a break in colors and being that you are wearing high heels, the heels of your shoes will accentuate the length.

A few days ago I attended a fancy mascaraed ball and I got some new shoes to go with my outfit. They were beautiful and silver, however, before going to the party I debated on the shoes I should wear and after standing straight for over an hour on the high heels I chose, the silver color ones, I was very disappointed and regretful I wore those shoes to the ball.

While at the party, I had to take off my shoes for a while and I had to seat down for about 30 minutes, every 20 minutes or so and this party lasted over 4 hours. Every time I took my shoes off, my feet were very red and they felt very tight inside the shoes.

When I got home and took those shoes off, the other pair I left by my bed, the black ones, were there and I almost could hear their mocking and laughing at me…

(My clutch and my mask were silver and I had found the perfect silver shoes, I thought, to match those other accessories, and I didn’t want to wear my black, Jessica Simpson, Martella-peep-toe-platform-pumps because my dress was also black) And that was a huge mistake!!

I love everything about these Martella shoes!! The 5” inch heels are wide and very stable. (People tell me all the time how “slimmer” they make my legs look and that’s because of the design) My shoes are black and I will be getting the nude color very soon and I will get more than one pair for sure.  (I will be wearing them soon and also taking photos, to show you)

These are definitely my new favorite shoes and the great thing about the design and the workmanship of these shoes, is that I wear my pumps to the office as well as to cocktail parties, weddings and I have even danced with them on and I have waited in line at the bank for more than 20 minutes and my feet do not hurt at all. I have also walk for a while while wearing them, and once again, my feet and my toes do not hurt.

These shoes are very comfortable, very beautiful and they would go very well with almost any outfit and they will make you feel like a very statuesque queen, my fellow petite friends!! (I hope you get your own pair)


(If you want to get ideas and explore very pretty, stylish and fashionable shoes, check my Pinterest site. Just click here.)